Archive | August, 2013

Success Factors

I have created this blog to share my expertise in Strategic Planning, Personal Finance and Structured Giving so that you may benefit from applying it in your own life. I would love to see more people living their life with purpose and making progress towards a life full of health, happiness and prosperity.

Unfortunately, simply reading this blog is not going to make the difference. The knowledge and experience that I share here will count for very little unless you actually take action and implement it in your life. The famous management guru, Peter Drucker, perhaps said it best when he stated “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work”.

The journey to prosperity is not an easy one. That is why most people don’t make it. Over the years I┬áhave found that there are some skills and habits that are critical to you being able to successfully implement the ideas I introduce here. For that reason, I will occasionally discuss these critical success factors and I will endeavour to link you with people who are experts in that given area.

This may not make the path toward prosperity any easier, but I hope that by highlighting these critical success factors, it will give you more tools to help you overcome the inevitable obstacles along the way.


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