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Success Factors

I have created this blog to share my expertise in Strategic Planning, Personal Finance and Structured Giving so that you may benefit from applying it in your own life. I would love to see more people living their life with purpose and making progress towards a life full of health, happiness and prosperity.

Unfortunately, simply reading this blog is not going to make the difference. The knowledge and experience that I share here will count for very little unless you actually take action and implement it in your life. The famous management guru, Peter Drucker, perhaps said it best when he stated “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work”.

The journey to prosperity is not an easy one. That is why most people don’t make it. Over the years I have found that there are some skills and habits that are critical to you being able to successfully implement the ideas I introduce here. For that reason, I will occasionally discuss these critical success factors and I will endeavour to link you with people who are experts in that given area.

This may not make the path toward prosperity any easier, but I hope that by highlighting these critical success factors, it will give you more tools to help you overcome the inevitable obstacles along the way.


Structured Giving

Thank youI believe that generosity is necessary to achieving a state of wellbeing. Put simply, true happiness comes from what you do for others.

We are all at different stages in our life journey and it is not always possible to be generous by giving substantial amounts of money. Instead we may choose to be generous with our time.

I have been fortunate enough to work with financially successful people for more than 15 years. These are people who have reached a stage in life where they can afford to be generous with their money. For those who express a desire to be philanthropic, I help them develop structured giving plans.

Structured giving introduces a level of professionalism to the giving process.  It generally involves:

  • larger amounts of money;
  • development of an overall giving philosophy;
  • planned grants to charities rather than spontaneous grants;
  • an entity;
  • a board overseeing the entity;
  • independent professionals advising the board;
  • a long-term time horizon;
  • research and due diligence of charities before approving grants;
  • measuring the success of grants by assessing the social impact against expected outcomes;
  • being more engaged.

In this blog I will delve into the professional aspects of structured giving.  It does not matter what stage in life you are at, giving your time and/or money can make a real difference. Introducing some professionalism into your giving  will lead to even better outcomes.

The best part of all, is that contributing to the lives of others in this way,  can have a positive impact on your own happiness and wellbeing. As they say, what goes around comes around.


Personal Finance

Have you ever wished someone a prosperous new year? Perhaps you have received such a wish. Have you ever thought deeply about what that means? Better still, have you ever seriously imagined what a prosperous year might look like for you?

To be prosperous means to be in a successful, flourishing or thriving financial state. Imagine what your life might look like if your personal finances were flourishing.

Unfortunately, most people never achieve prosperity. Even among those who enjoy significant financial success, many do not describe their financial position as flourishing or thriving. Instead, they still have reasons to worry about their money.

The good news is that true prosperity is a state that we can  all achieve. It starts by creating a vision for your life that incorporates financial success. Then, by making good decisions about your money and aligning the actions you take today with that vision, you will begin making progress towards it.

The principles of making good decisions about money have been known for ages. It is not the knowledge of what to do that is hard to come by. It is the practical implementation of that knowledge day after day, that obstructs most people from financial success.

In this blog I will reintroduce the age old lessons of personal finance, but I will present them together with tips for implementing these lessons in the 21st century. I hope that my modern interpretations put you on the path to experiencing prosperity, a state which will afford you the opportunity to live the life that you want.


Personal Strategic Planning

The late Jim Rohn, a leading expert on personal success, famously said “Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design.”

I would elaborate on that by saying that most things in life that really matter to us, do not happen by accident. For example, good physical health only happens when you exercise. Good relationships only exist when you spend quality time with people. Wealth is only achieved when you save and invest your money.  For any of these things to occur consistently, you need to plan to do them. The more strategic you are about this planning, the better.

It interests me how strategic planning is a well accepted practice in the organisational environment. There seems little doubt that strategic planning is important to achieving organisational success. Why is it then that such an important and effective process is not applied more consistently to achieving personal success?

The concept of strategic planning is simple – start with the end in mind. That means creating a clear vision of where you want to be in the future. Then align the actions you take today with that end vision. The action you take will help you make progress toward your vision.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop expertise in both organisational and personal strategic planning. In this blog, I will focus exclusively on personal strategic planning. I look forward to sharing what I have learnt with you and I hope that it empowers you to design a future you love.


Let’s get started

Happy CoupleI believe that everyone in life can achieve a state of wellbeing. That is, a state characterised by health, happiness and prosperity. The reason that most people don’t achieve this, is because it doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a plan, expert advice and discipline.

My mission is to empower people to live their life on purpose. I draw on my skills and experience in the areas of strategic planning, personal finance and structured giving, to guide people in the right direction.

My commitment  can be demonstrated by the lengths that we have gone to at Goodman private wealth advisers, in order to introduce this mission into our business.

This blog will support my mission by bringing together my most important and most topical thoughts for helping you make progress toward your state of wellbeing. I will share my expertise on strategic planning so that you can move forward with purpose. I will focus on the prosperity aspect of wellbeing, because that is what I do best. I will introduce you to the concept of structured giving, because with prosperity comes the opportunity to give back. I will touch on some critical success factors which are necessary for you to keep making progress.

Since my skills and experience are in the aspect of prosperity, I encourage you to seek out other experts who can guide you in the aspects of health and happiness.

I hope this blog makes a difference for you.


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