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Happy New Year

New Year celebrationI may not be one for New Year resolutions, but I am one for goal setting. What is the difference? Well, one big difference is that a properly considered goal, that you are truly committed to, is not created at one minute past midnight!

The art of goal setting is a process I will delve into in more detail in a future post. For now, when you are creating your goals, try giving them a name that is meaningful to you, set a date that is very specific (in other words get down to a day, a month and a year), have a target that is measurable and finally, envisage what it will feel like when you achieve that goal. Capture those feelings by putting them into words.

It is this last step that creates an emotional connection with the outcome of your goal. It can become the motivation and inspiration you need, to do the work that is required to achieve your goal.

It is an absolute must that you write your goals down. It is also a must that you share your goals with the people that are close to you. Chances are, it will be these same people that you need help and support from, in order to achieve the goals you set.

The New Year is a great time to be refreshing our existing goals and to be setting new ones. My advice is simply to do it away from the hype of New Year celebrations. Give it real thought. Make sure that your goals are in alignment with your end destination. Finally, once you have written them down, really do commit to them.

Happy New Year! I wish you every success in the year ahead.


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